The light caresses the leathers through the large windows of the terrace overlooking the roofs of Paris. In the heart of the city, in the eighth arrondissement in the Madeleine district, stands "Chezsanlorenzo". More than an exhibition space, a place where we can meet again.

Far from the idea of virtual showroom, we have chosen to set up a permanent space to host our customers and coworkers. A welcoming and familiar place where we can show our latest creations.

“Chezsanlorenzo” is an apartment on the rooftop of Paris, with a spacious terrace from which to admire the city in all its charm. Natural light envelops the interior space thanks to large windows that illuminate the rooms. A real home that opens its doors with the intention of becoming a reference point for the exhibition of new collections, but also a place of encounter and exchange.

The aim is to offer customers the opportunity to choose materials by checking all the features through a multisensory involvement. All things which a virtual experience, at present, unfortunately cannot replace, given the type of product.

Ours is not a form of resistance to technological development or digitalization; indeed, we believe in innovation as a fundamental tool of environmental sustainability. Digital is a frontier to be enhanced in the tanning world. 




25 Rue Tronchet - ascenseur B / 6ème étage

75008 PARIS

For appointments and information pls contact:

Francois Mazeas Ph. +33 6 46477982


Axel Mazeas Ph. +33 6 27620914